Keeping the princely refinement of the past, the Bran Castle Tea House, a very stylish building, invites its guests to enjoy an amazing new culinary experience.
Whether dining inside on the main floor or outside on the terrace, the new space has been designed to please all of your senses and the view is simply breathtaking!

Let’s celebrate Romanian at the Queen Maria Tea House! This is what we urge you to do on December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, because we will be prepared for you with traditional, authentic and delicious dishes, ready to surprise you in the most beautiful way possible!

And for everything to be in 100% Romanian style, the menu is, without a doubt, a special one! And if we did not include a special soup, some pork “sarmale" with polenta, a pork stew or a mushroom chunk, then we could not be called a genuine feast, as we like, the Romanians!
Let's not forget the boiled wine, which is, of course, included in our December 1 st story!

Surprise, are you asking? Will be! Because it can not be otherwise! So get in and enjoy with us, for three pure Romanian days!

We look forward to dance the Romania's traditional songs at The Queen Maria Tea House!

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More details at: +40 268 237 700

Saturday, February 04, 2023

About Us

CASA DE CEAI Restaurant is able to subtly and continuously transform from a Romanian neo-classic restaurant to a café, from a bustling and noisy space to a quiet and tranquil romantic niche or to a themed restaurant that is full of history but easily adaptable to the needs of the modern generation.

As examples, it can transition to a jazzy music lounge, to theatre and stand-up comedy shows, and from culinary classes to wine tasting. Holidays such a Halloween, Harvest Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day, Christmas and New Year are also celebrated as well as any other events on the secular and Christian calendars.

Contact Details

24 General Traian Mosoiu Street, Bran, Brasov, Romania - In The Royal Parc of Bran Castle
+40 268 237 700
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Monday: 12PM - 7PM
Tue–Sun: 9AM - 7PM